However there are other ways to enjoy two operating systems on the same PC. If you’re running Windows 7 on a PC or laptop equipped with a multi core processor you have access to a free virtual Windows XP application from Microsoft, which you can use to run legacy applications. This special version of Virtual PC is for Windows 7 users only..

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Depends on your local law. Where I live it legal as long as there is not a dedicated bike lane on the adjacent road and there is no signs prohibiting bicycles on the sidewalk. Where it is allowed, you can only ride as fast as is “reasonably prudent” to allow you to yield to pedestrians.

These days, companies have ways of personalizing almost anything you can think of with your photos. Calendars, artwork, t shirts, and even cars are among the list of possibilities. So creating a deck of playing cards with a set of your own photos is not much of a stretch.

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The line between brown dwarf and red dwarf is somewhat hazy. Chemistry remains one factor which can affect whether an object of a given mass will ignite its nuclear furnace whether the object is nearly pure hydrogen or heavily dosed with other elements. The line between brown dwarf “stars” and gas giant planets is even less distinct.

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