canada goose Another way to stretch already large (half inch/13mm) piercings is to slowly add PTFE (plumbers or electrical) tape one strip at a time. You can add one strip per day but be careful not to exceed your stretching point because it will tear. If your piercing tears reduce the jewelry size and heal them up for a month before attempting to stretch again. canada goose

canada goose clearance sale In the US, women received the right to vote with the passing of the 19th amendment on August 18, 1920. They first voted in National Elections in 1923. Women had earlier been allowed to vote in some of the other states. As I mentioned earlier, the Creation Museum was located near Cincinnati mainly because of the city’s exceptional logistical advantages. As a matter of fact, both Cincinnati and northern Kentucky residents were the museum’s most numerous, outspoken critics upon learning where Ken Ham planned to erect it. Also keep in mind that this pseudo “museum” attracts biblical believers (along with other curious and gullible visitors) not only from all of Ohio, but from also Indiana, Michigan and the entire Bible Belt, including most of the Sunbelt states. canada goose clearance sale

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