In an amended complaint filed in federal court in Manhattan, the SEC is now charging research analyst Trent Martin, who was the brokers source of confidential information in an insider trading scheme that yielded more than $1 million in illicit profits. Martin worked at a brokerage firm in Connecticut and specialized in Australian equity investments, and he learned nonpublic information about the impending IBM SPSS transaction from an attorney friend who was working on the deal. Rather than maintaining the confidence of the information, Martin used the information for his own benefit, purchasing SPSS securities and subsequently tipping his roommate Thomas C.

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Parties or Outings These, much like annual picnics, can also aid when cash is tight. A group party away from the office where employees can eat and talk and have some fun with planned games will be well received. If you live in a state where end of year weather allows for it, seek out local parks for tips on holding employee events outside.

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