No one, not even the Chinese, defends censorship because “they are evil”. The defense of censorship is always to “protect society from harmful ideas”. So you use the same logic and argument as the fascists to justify censorship. Animals are as varied as the environments in which they are found. The adaptations that some of these creatures have made to adjust to their extreme environments border on science fiction. Even some of the most common animals have made amazing adaptations you might not be aware of.

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I starting to feel some deja vu here, as both the Sacrifice and Fortuna gave me the same gut wrenching feeling “Oh, so that it?”. I understand this can seem like an ungrateful sentiment, but it is an honest one. There no game in the world where you can just keep on playing forever and have something engaging to do, but the last two major updates really had me feeling “this is not aimed at me, this is for newer players.”.

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